Who We Are

1st Lower Earley Beavers 

We meet on Wednesday from 5.30 – 6.45 pm during term time.

Most meetings take place at:

Hillside Primary School

Rushy Way



Mobile -  07862217301




During their time with the Colony all Beavers will undertake many activities both inside and out, including games, creative activities, visits from key people in society and activities whereby they learn about the society they live in and how they can be of use to that society. We also undertake walks with activities to do on the way, organise campfires and cooking. Every Beaver is also offered the opportunity to experience a night away, either as a ‘Sleepover’ or camping under canvas.


There are a range of badges available which Beaver Scouts can wear on their uniforms to show everyone the activities they have undertaken and how well they're doing. The ultimate badge for any Beaver is the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award which is achievable with regular attendance.


The Beaver Section is the first section in the Scout Association hierarchy, established in the UK in 1986 for 6 – 8 year olds who wanted to explore and find out more about the world they live in.

The Beaver Section was also the first section of the 1st Lower Earley Scout Group when it first opened up its doors on Wednesday 28thApril, 2010. The Beaver Section is inclusive and will take on children, both boys and girls of mixed ability, irrespective of background. The balanced programme we run has evolved and adapted over the passing years to meet the needs and to ensure it continues to be of interest to young people of each generation.


The Beaver Colony at 1st Lower Earley Scout Group invites children to join at the beginning of the school term they are 6 years old. This will mainly depend on there being a vacancy, as we do have a healthy waiting list.  A child who is 7 ½ years old on application may be asked to wait a short while before they are invited to join the Cubs, the next Section up, when they have a vacancy.

Structure and Organisation

The Beaver Colony is run by uniformed members of the Scout Association, the Beaver Scout Leader. They are supported by Section Assistants, usually non-uniform, and the Occasional Helpers made up from parents who don’t mind and quite enjoy getting involved. All are CRB checked or well supervised, and all are expected to attend the appropriate level and amount of training applicable to their role. Should any new parents wish to join as a Leader or assist in any way please inform the Beaver Scout Leader. The Colony itself is broken down into Lodges of up to 7 Beavers in each, this allows for quick organisation for games and certain activities.

Uniform and Flags


Beaver Scouts may wear a turquoise sweatshirt with a Group scarf (often called a necker) and a maroon woggle or one of another colour which identifies their Lodge or team.


The Beaver Scout flag is light blue, bearing the Scout symbol and the Scout Motto.

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